Read Letters To Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders By Warren Buffett

Since 1965 when Warren Buffett acquired a textile company he has written letters to the shareholders. The textile company was turned into Warren Buffett’s acquisitions corporation which had made him one of the richest private individuals in the world. Warren Buffett didn’t get there alone. He invested the money from his shareholders who trust his investment savvy. Since 1965 Warren Buffett has written letters to his investors to help them understand what is going on with their money.

Entire books have been printed publishing the letters Warren Buffett has written. The letters are beautifully written and practical in the subject matter. The letters simply disclose what investments Warren Buffett puts the money of his shareholders towards. The letters over the years change of course as Warren Buffett has to buy or sell something to keep all the investments making money and growing in worth.

The letters report all earnings and losses. For example, the most current letter for 2017 states that Berkshire Hathaway did not buy anything yet the company still made money. The statement was made that everything was just too expensive. There were no investments worth purchasing that had the opportunity to grow the companies wealth. The company still made money thanks to the change in the tax code. This made the company over 20 million dollars. Not bad for not having to do much.

Warren Buffett is a very practical man. He is trustworthy, straightforward, and consistent. The letters he writes to the shareholders is his a great form of respect and full disclosure to the people that help make the Berkshire Hathaway an incredibly successful investing corporation. People read the letters all over the world as investing education. People have started their own businesses learning from Warren Buffett and his wise ways.

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