Quotes and Actions

Warren Buffett the billionaire philanthropist and third richest man in the world that has given back to the world tenfold but he is received Warren Buffett graduated high school in 1947 and immediately began a career in stockbroking which everyone predicted because of his amazing skills in mathematics. Warren Buffet has released countless quotes on success, stating that if you cannot control your emotions you cannot control your money in one of his quotes you can bet that these are the principles that rocketed Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway into the top as well and he wants to share them with you. Warren Buffett recently almost faced bankruptcy in 2017 with his acquiring of the company Oncor energy, he beat out Sempra energy for 9.3 million with a counselor bit of just 9 million this goes with his quote stating that if you can control your emotions you won’t be able to control your money. Warren Buffett did not offer a nickel more for this company as he had faith that they would choose the right parent company and of course they did this lets us know that Warren Buffett will sit and wait for a better deal rather than charging in head-first with money it’s not about money it’s about the deal the people your help me in the state of the company as Warren Buffett would say. This quote alone is what makes Warren Buffett such a genius investor stating things of this nature gets young investors ready for the market ahead of them with Warren Buffett is one of the richest men in the world third to be exact the advice he gives it’s not and should not be taken lightly, this man is saving the world and giving back and teaching people how to do the same.

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