President Buffett

Warren Buffett is an Avid Democrat but recently the United States of America the Republican candidate president Donald Trump is now the leader of the United States, As Trump makes many comments that I just satisfying to members of the public lots of public icons investment straight away from him. In the race really that happened in recent times where Trump blamed both the aggressors and the passivists on the same caliber, he enraged the people suggesting that counter-protesters are on the same platform as neo-nazis this course of action lead to the isolation of many companies from the president. Well Warren Buffett has a different take on it he suggests that just because Donald Trump is President does not mean he is not an American citizen and just because the tables have turned does not mean he is not willing to say that them, Warren Buffett insist that he is not bashed any presidents image in the past so what will be to gain from throwing dirt on President Trump’s name he has no reason to do this is Berkshire Hathaway still or pillar in society and he is still the third richest man in the world Trump being president does not dramatically changed Warren Buffett’s life it may be inconvenient but he will work around that he will work with the president because he like many other Americans believe that is not who’s in office it’s the spirit of this great country and the people will prevail regardless of the situation. As far as Warren Buffett getting along with Donald Trump no one really knows the details but those two Warren Buffett has however expressed a great concern in the issues that are coming along with North Korea as time goes on in the world one can’t help but Wonder.

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