Poppy Harlow and Warren Buffett

Poppy Harlow and Warren Buffett met at one of the tv interviews. Poppy Harlow is an anchor at CNN. Warren Buffett is seen as a role model for many people one of them being the tv anchor. Poppy Harlow considers Warren Buffett as a smart person due to the encouraging advice that he gives.

Poppy Harlow remembers in one of the interviews where Warren Buffett stated that money could never buy love and time which applied so much to Poppy Harlow’s life. Having showered in the birth of her one-year-old daughter, Poppy Harlow found it challenging to strike a balance between her work schedule and time she would spend with her daughter.

As a routine for many people, Poppy Harlow considered being busy and productive as the essential things in their life. Poppy Harlow says she is lucky to have a husband who accepts and shares the burden of parenthood. One of the things that Poppy Harlow regrets were dedicating her free and personal time to other people while she could have used it for her family.

Poppy Harlow found out that at times she would get furious for nothing as she tried to squeeze time for her daughter Sienna. The former CEO of Xerox, Ursula Burns also found herself in the same situation as Poppy Harlow. They both agree that they find it difficult to say no especially if it is a situation that involves earning money.

Ursula Burns says that as much as it is hard to say no to things that involve money matters, she tries very hard to prioritize and get deep to things that are very important to her.

Poppy Harlow reports that saying no has helped to liberate her by allowing her to create more time for her daughter Sienna and her husband. Poppy Harlow encourages us to create more time for the people we love more as her father did. Poppy Harlow ’s father passed at the age of 49 but when he came home from work he always ensured that he spent quality time and attention to his family. Poppy Harlow and Warren Buffett encounter are an unforgettable one.

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