Pay For Buffett’s Lunch Ticket In Exchange For Charity Work

Most people consider lunch to be one of the cheapest meals that you could have. On the other hand, lunch with Warren Buffett will cost you millions. He made headlines when he told his colleagues how much lunch would cost them. They laughed, but in fact, he was very serious. He expects you to kick out $2,679,001. That’s what he decided would be a great number. Here are his factors as to why he charges.

The business owner has had countless success with his stocks, and he knows that most people who dine with him want to get advice. He doesn’t think that he should get the money that is earned from the lunch, but the money should go to charity. He thinks that when a person wants to have lunch with him, they should already be thinking about other people in hardship circumstances.

The most significant lesson that Buffett wants to teach is the lesson on giving to charity. There are a lot of people who are less fortunate in the world, and to Buffett, the lunch is a token of what will be a tax write off for some of his wealthy colleagues. Warren Buffett knows that they will not lack by giving the funds to charity. It exemplifies what a person has in their heart.

He loves a simple place to eat. He doesn’t like to be among crowds, but if you invite him to lunch and expect him to dress up, he will expect the charity to be given. He uses the money where he sees fit, or he will ask you where you think the money should go. Either way, it will be written off on your taxes, and in some cases, you will not owe the IRS.

Buffett loves to be a blessing to those who love and care about him. Within asking for charity money, he realizes that he must give to others as well. That’s what being in a position like Warren Buffett can afford you. Invite Warren Buffett for lunch, and you will feel your best.

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