Online Marketing Companies Owned By Warren Buffett

Almost everyone in the world of investment is familiar with the name Warren Buffet. While it may sound easy for him right now, without a doubt, it has been a long journey filled with tremendous challenges. For starters, he first invested in stocks at the age of eleven when he father owned a trading firm. Growing up, Buffett always knew that he would pursue business to some greater extent that was otherwise unbelievable to other people.

Early Life and Joining the World of Investments
Growing up, Buffett worked closely with his father who was an entrepreneur. He allocated a lot of resources then channeled them to the grocery store business. However, he did not succeed to secure a public allotment for that business. Consequently delving into the stocks business, his son took after him by investing in his business. At some point, Warren Buffett was convinced that school was rather, a priority. That is how he enrolled for education at the prestigious Pennsylvania University. Warren Buffett transferred to the Nebraska University and earned a degree.
Joining the Multilevel Marketing
While he desired to join the Harvard School of Business, he earned a straight rejection; that did not deter him from accomplishing his dreams as he joined the Columbia School of Business and is currently a billionaire, ranked one of the wealthiest men in the world. Surprisingly, Warren Buffett is now a huge contributor to the multilevel marketing industry. Here are some of the companies he owns;

The Online Marketing Companies
The Kirby Company – the Kirby Company is a firm that supplies vacuum cleaners. It is geographically located in Cleveland, America and is part of Berkshire Hathaway. Moreover, dealers of the company are spread in more than fifty countries.

World Book – this is an encyclopedia company often sold through online marketing. Owned by Berkshire Hathaway, the company is valued at millions.

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