Omaha Fundraiser For Bob Kerrey Being Hosted By Warren Buffett

Nebraska Senate hopeful Bob Kerrey just received a major campaign push in his race to succeed United States Senator Bob Nelson who is officially retiring this year.

Word spread that Kerrey will be receiving financial assistance for his campaign from the most famous Nebraska cornhusker, and that Mr. Buffett will also be hosting a fundraiser in Omaha. POLITICO was first to report the news here.

Warren Buffett is also a very strong supporter of President Barack Obama, and being an Omaha billionaire, he can easily host this fundraiser for Kerrey and provide him with some much appreciated financial campaign assistance.

Mr. Buffett also made it a point to make himself very clear by saying that his largesse is in no way going to finance any super PACs. Here is his exact words:

“I am 100 percent behind Kerrey,” Buffett told POLITICO. “I will not be doing super PACs of any sort. I think allowing unlimited contributions to campaigns is a terrible idea and an important and unfortunate step toward a plutocracy.”

This isn’t going to be Kerrey’s first time as a US senator if he does win. He was also a governor in Nebraska as well. The major problem is that his campaign in 2012 has not gotten off to the smooth start that he’d hoped for.

The latest polls actually show that Deb Fischer, Republican State Senator, is actually a strong favorite and will most likely end up claiming Nelson’s seat if the current trend keeps going the way it is.

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