Nebraska Treaures Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the most well-known businessmen to ever enter the business world. He started off with a dream and expanded from there. Warren Buffett hometown leads him to study business at an early age. Buffett did notice that there were a couple of other business owners but not that many.

His hometown created the foundation for his career. Starting early at Rose Hill Elementary School, he had ideas for sale simply. Buffett started selling chewing gum to kids he met after his homework was done. His family noticed that he was making great business decisions. Warren Buffett decided to save his money to sell Coca-Cola bottles. His plan worked, and he advanced to saving a stuffy piggy bank.

Buffett continued his small business ventures and teamed up with a friend to purchase a small pinball machine. Each paid $25.00 and decided to place the machine in a local shop. He split the profit with his partner and returned the investment into buying another machine.

This was Warren Buffett’s chance to own his own business. Buffet declined to own his own machine and continued to purchase with his business partner. As it turns out, Buffett’s hometown gave him great feedback. He ended up owning more pinball machines and placing in other businesses.

Warren Buffett had a supportive hometown. In turn, it made him become a successful business owner. His chewing gum idea led him in the right direction to grow up and become a billionaire that earned all the money he made from smart investments. Nebraska backed him up as a young kid, and he has given that same advice to his colleagues.

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