NCAA Bracket Warren Buffett

For many years since its establishment, the Berkshire Hathaway Company has not yet managed to build a right field or platform for the NCAA bracket where they can have their office. The time Warren Buffett took over as the chairman and the president of the company he has brought up an excellent strategic method to improve the NCAA performances.

He is a tycoon who is a very creative thinker business person, and this is the main reason why he came up with such essential ways of doing things at the NCAA. Recently what Buffett did is that he gave out about $1 million every year to his juniors to only those who will be able to pick the right bracket that will come from 16 sweet.

It was very shocking to many of the people when Buffet announced that the team especially from his hometown that will take up the title they will have a chance because he will double up the price he had offered before. According to Warren Buffett, this is one of the best deal he can ever think he made to the NCAA. Out his employee team last year it is only 16 of them managed to get 16 sweet from the competition.

In the year 2014, no single person won even after the Berkshire Hathaway property had decided to support this competition with $1 million pledge. The year 2015 came, and the game was again funded by the same company owned by Buffett, and still, the same scenario happened.
In the year 2016 more people participated with about 300,000 employees taking part in this competition. In that year competition, at least two people won, and they were much appreciated with many rewards. Last, the game came, and Buffett decided to support it where one person won. In this year Buffett has promised to increase the price from previous years.

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