NCAA Bracket Challenge Warren Buffett

Basketball is a sport that many Americans seem to enjoy. It is a sport that is ingrained into our culture and is something that we are likely to not forget for many generations. The sport was created by James Naismith. He originally created the sport of Basketball to condition athletes during the winter time. Though, because of the NBA in the 1960s and through the 1970s, the sport would explode in popularity. It would become an iconic part of the culture in America. Every June, millions of Americans line up to watch the NBA Finals when the time comes.

Many people often have tight connections with their colleges. It is where they got their majors so that they could invest in their future. For some people, it is where they met the love of their life and would decide who they would have children with. That has been a really positive thing that people were able to do. But something else that you have to take a look at is that, people like sports a lot. Athletes almost train the entire year, making sure that that their muscles are tight and have a very low fat percentage so they are prepared.

Warren Buffet himself is a massive fan of sports. He has been spotted at NBA games to watch stars like LeBron James play at a high level. But he thinks that the NCAA march madness bracket is impossible to predict. It is often said that you have a higher chance of winning the lottery than predicting the march madness bracket. Though, you would receive a lot more money for winning the March Madness bracket. There are only a few people that have predicted the bracket so far. So few, that you could count the winners on a single hand.

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