Movie Based on Warren Buffett

In 2017 Peter Kunhardt an HBO director did a 90 minute documentary on ‘Becoming Warren Buffet’ the movie tells a story of this young boy from Nebraska who through shrewd investing goes to become one of the world’s richest person. The movie is shot by following the billionaire as he goes through his daily routines from his home to the Berkshire Hathaway headquarters in Omaha where he does his management work from.
The documentary has also some home videos of Warren aided by stories from his siblings and three children we get the picture of how he has chosen virtue overvalue by donating his wealth to charity, he is also depicted as a modest fellow and we are shown his breakfast routine which involves him ordering from a McDonalds drive-through joint and paying using nickels.

The movie doesn’t have any tension and Buffet does not really talk about any difficulties or challenges he faced growing up, the only place that they have tried to cover this is when his children say that it was difficult for their dad to show them love and attention in their early years which was part of why his wife Susie left him in the 1970’s but again this detail is shared in a very subtle way.

Despite all that the movie still has some takeaway from the billionaire that can be helpful for people who are seeking to become investors. Warren talks about the amazing factor of compound interest over time he attributes his success to little foundations he laid earlier in life. Warren in the movie also focuses on the belief system of individuals and his advice is people should invest in what they believe in and have good ethics. This principle is tied to how we treat people, the value we have placed in ourselves and creating the life we want.

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