Money On My Mind

The top stocks of Berkshire Hathaway and watch closely every year by their competitors as well as their friends, the genius investors Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett are the co-chair and the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway the Holdings company has made Warren Buffett the third richest man in the world this along with other companies in Shirley still Warren Buffet have investing in his ensure they Warren Buffett will likely never run out of money again being worth 82.7 million dollars. And Warren Buffett is no fool he does not choose to live his life based off material things he rather choose is to donate and give back to the community he gives back to Omaha Nebraska whenever he can and that is why he is known as the Oracle of Omaha he has moved through life and have failures as well as accomplishments and use all of those to influence his career without the failures Warren Buffett probably not be like he is today a genius marketer. Warren Buffett’s top stock picks are Wells Fargo, Apple and Bank of America owning more than a 100 million Sears in each only 160 million shares at Apple total they have seen and return Investments 28 million dollars and have seen 20 million in return from their Bank of America investment their highest investment to this day however still happens to be Wells Fargo Wells Fargo has rocketed them into the spotlight and they only own 457 shares of the company at the time of this article since Warren Buffett is such a smart man he’s probably planning on buying more stock but then again being the third richest man in the world what more money does he need to have right now he’s donating and giving his money away at the moment because he has to much.

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