Meet Warren Buffett

It’s a very joyful opportunity when you have an appointment with the world third-richest person. In order to reach to him, there are some procedures that are required to be followed. Warren Buffett is the wealthiest person is also the president and the chairman of a multimillion company known as the Berkshire Hathaway.

To meet such a person there are certain ways to use because it is not that easy to meet him. When you are determined to talk to him it must be for investment reasons only this is because there are few limited routes to access his means of communication. There several ways that you can you to address your points to him some of them include.

One you can write a letter to him. The letter should be the formal and straightforward point. The mail address that most people commonly used is through the Berkshire Hathaway company though he may fail to open it directly he has a competent team of staff who after opening it they will definitely realize your intentions and what you want to be addressed to Buffet.

The second and the most means method to reach to CEO Mr. Buffett is through the use of mail. Though he does not have a personal email for himself he has established some mechanism to ensure that your message is conveyed and handled by the right hands. The content was written must have a subject topic of the company and it should only talk about a suggestion or any issue that is much related to Berkshire.

The guy is a very busy person with some tight schedule that he has to attend. It is estimated that there are generally more than 300 letters that are handled by his employee per day and few will only get to his working table at the company of Berkshire at their head offices.

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