Man In Omaha Pleads Guilty To Theft At Buffett Charity

A gentleman from Omaha, Nebraska, pleaded guilty to stealing from the Warren Buffett charitable organization. He was the person responsible to oversee the programs that get money from Warren Buffett’s charitable foundation.

The newspaper the Omaha World – Herald reported on Tuesday that the individual has pleaded guilty to stealing from the Buffett Foundation in the amount of $46,000. Patel, the 38-year-old man who committed the robbery, will be sentenced during the month of November. There is a strong possibility that he may face up to as many as 20 years behind bars.

According to the police, a different member of the foundation contacted a London hotel of which Patel had provided a receipt. He was looking for a reimbursement for his supposed “expenses,” but the employee found out that Patel never actually stayed at this hotel. So the employee checked other expense reports and found out that there were tens of thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent receipts that Patel submitted.

According to the newspaper in Omaha, Patel was paid $190,000 a year as the senior program officer, and he has repaid the $46,000 to the charity already.

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