Lunch Was From The Dairy Queen: Ask Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett has a chance to have lunch when he feels like the time is available. If you are attending one of those business ventures or conventions that he has planned, Warren Buffett lunch is already included. Buffett is a primary owner of Dairy Queen. By now, everyone should know the menu is filled with goodies.

If you are in a convention hosted by Warren Buffett, the menu will be filled with Dairy Queen food. Buffett has had a hand in relaunching the restaurant. Buffett focused on the the lunch and the business talks.

The moment lunch arrived to the tables of Buffett’s guests, they knew that the ice cream would make them wanted to buy stocks into Dairy Queen. Buffett has offered stocks in the past, but he realizes that his best numbers happen to be when he works with close colleagues. The guests find it amazing that Buffett will offer to buy stocks in their businesses if it is what he is looking for.

The guests work on their net worth, and Buffetts does get offers. Mainly, he turns the offers down. He is looking for bigger corporations to partner with. The guests learn that you have to have a certain amount in the bank to create any partnership with Buffett.

Warren Buffett does offer lunch, and the motive is to get you to notice the work he had to do to keep his business moving. The lunch will be paid for by Buffett, but the personal meetings you invite him to will involve him in expecting a million dollar charity donation.

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