Look At Your Business Like It Is A Snowball

The Snowball Warren Buffett is a collection of thoughts written to indicate how Warren became successful. Through all of his trials, he maintained balance and integrity. Through those breakthroughs that seem to surface when he needed them and working hard to accomplish them, the results were fantastic because of his planning. All of a sudden, Buffett’s business began to grow more and more daily. When there were times of struggle, Warren looked for those options to create a snowball.

Think about the snowball and how it takes a while for you to put it together. It starts with an idea that can represent a snowball. You combine the beginning with more snow, and the snow begins to grow around the beginning. The growth represents maturity. If you’re not afraid of those struggling instances, your snowball will keep growing until if is finally a piece of artwork that you have always wanted. You put your snowball on display in your front yard because of not being ashamed of your success, and you notice that the step has gone a little further. Now, you have a snowman.

If you made a snowman out of a snowball, you can make him a family. The results are wonderful because of the number of snowballs you had to create in order to create your new masterpieces. When there are times you feel like your company may be “melting” away, your family should be there to support you. If you have no support, there are snow owners like Warren Buffett, that took his snow and froze it. In other words, Warren Buffett knew how to save his snow. You have to think about the times that snow could melt because of the outside view.

You have so much to consider that could be a reason as to why your snow would melt. You think about the sun and the heat from the fire. Although the struggle with melting is what heat can cause for a business, you have to be like Warren Buffett and learn those ways to keep your snowball growing even when there is no snow around.

You have to also make sure that it doesn’t melt when the sun is out or when the fire of struggle is against your snow. The alternatives are ice, water, ice cream, and hail. Those combined could cause a different type of snow for you. It may not look like your original snow, it may have made you feel bad because of not understanding what happened. You weathered that storm, and now, you looked your business in the “face” and new that you couldn’t be original. You had to evolve. But when you saw your business, you looked better than what you started off looking like. Now, you finally have the understanding that Warren Buffett owns a snowball.

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