Learn Warren Buffett’s Success Process

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett have all mentioned at one point or another that focus is the greatest factor in achieving their success. It’s certainly easy to say that focus is important, but a Scott Dinsmore story of Live Your Legend mentions how Buffett puts this particular practice into his own life. To learn how he does it, please read on.

Warren Buffett’s Success Strategy Process

Although unable to confirm the story, we learned that Scott Dinsmore met a friend of one of Warren Buffett’s pilots, and this individual claimed that the information below is Warren Buffett’s process for achieving success:

  1. Take 25 things that you are looking to accomplish over the next few years and write them down.
  2. Pick the five items on the list that are the most important. This isn’t supposed to be an easy thing to do.
  3. Create a list of concrete steps that will allow you to achieve your top five goals.
  4. On a new list, write down the remaining 20 items from your top 25 list. This is a list of things that you need to avoid at all costs. You must ignore these 20 goals completely until you have achieved your top five most important goals.

The Path to Achieving Financial Freedom

By creating a list of things to avoid at all costs, even though these are things that you want to achieve, life might become more difficult. People often compromise their success due to urgency and they are frequently discouraged by the length of time that it takes to achieve their dreams. A saying states that people underestimate how much they can achieve in 10 years but overestimate how much that they are capable of accomplishing in one year.

By taking the time to focus on your investments and building your income, you are going to pave a road to achieve financial freedom for a lifetime.

Investing successfully is simple, but it is certainly not easy. Remember that the future is always an uncertainty, so there is never going to be a perfect time to jump in the market as an investor. Having a strategy that you stick to will set you up to succeed over the long term while the majority of people will only achieve mediocre results.

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