Jimmy and Warren Buffett: No Relation But Business Ownership

You hear that two people have the same last name, and automatically, you want to know if they are from the same family. Society wants to always bring up this question, is Jimmy Buffett related to Warren Buffett? The two are not from the same family, but often, they meet for business ventures. They give each other pointers on what the next stock purchase should be. Warren has thought about investing in other business lines, but he chooses to wait to see what other stock brokers are going to do before he buys anything new. He feels like the 61 businesses that he owns is enough to keep he and his family going for years.

Jimmy often goes to meetings that talk about music and real estate together. The whole point of investing is to see when there will be an opportunity to retire. Jimmy loves to travel and sing, but there is always a feeling that retirement is soon. Moreover, Warren meets with his son to talk about sells they should consider. Right now, Warren has put his sales on hold and is currently not taking any new owners.

Warren’s main focus is to use all of the time that is available wisely. He expects foundational work from anyone that wants to meet him. Buffett likes to keep all his talks about business and never anything personal unless he decides to bring it up. He likes to keep all meetings professionally with others that are outside of his family. Although Jimmy Buffett shares the same last name with Warren, Jimmy knows that the discussions they have will only be about the stock exchange. Warren likes to keep that closeness with his family only.

They enjoy talking, but there talks are briefly at the Dairy Queen or at a convention hosted by Warren Buffett. They both pay attention to he newspapers and stocks to see what can help them make more. Eventually, Warren Buffett wants to control charities because he feels like he can do a better job. Maybe in the future, they will be able to compromise on a business. Both has something in common. They own businesses on their own.

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