Is Warren Buffett Married ?

Warren Buffett grows up being very awkward with women. Not knowing how to approach women, until one day he met his future wife at Northwestern University. Having an awkward encounter for the first time of meeting they soon were inseparable.

Warren Buffett and his wife married at the age of 19 and 20. Soon after they married they became pregnant with their first daughter Susie. Susie was described by her father as being a cinch and looking like her mother. Soon thereafter that her brother Howard was born who is very energetic and gave his mom a run for her money at times. After Howard, Peter was born who was a calm child compared to Howard.

The Buffett family had a different dynamic in their household because of Warren being so invested in growing his wealth. At times he would be somewhat distant from the family when he was at home because he was so interested in learning more about his craft and things that interest him. The family just kind of accepted that, that’s just how he was as a person very intellectual and analytical about the things that he was into.

In 1977, Susie wanted to pursue other interest in life like helping others so she moves to San Francisco, California. In pursuit of her interest, it drove a wedge in the relationship with her and her husband sending him into a somewhat depressive mood. Knowing that her husband needed some help she sent her friend Astrid to help maintain his home life.

After Astrid move in it created a triangle romance that was maintained and accepted by the three. Their marriage still maintained the love that they had previously and never changed up until Susie’s untimely death.

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