Is Warren Buffett Humble?

Even though he is now in his eighties, Warren Buffett is still a major player in the financial sector. The man is regularly listed atop the richest people in the world list, and he is still regularly appearing on various financial shows to give analysis and insight into the latest market trends. While there are many things you could mention about such an influential person, one question that often discussed is, “Is Warren Buffett humble?” There are many who would answer that question affirmatively.

One of the biggest reasons people say the Warren Buffett is humble is due to the fact he never brags about his success or flaunts his wealth. He quite often gives analysis and advice that is geared toward average Americans and people who are otherwise just beginning to build wealth. In addition to seeming to care about regular people, Mr. Buffett still lives in the modest home he bought several decades ago. When you have all the money in the world, it takes a certain humility to spend most your time in an average home in Omaha.

While he may advise presidents and have tens of billions of dollars, it’s clear that Warren Buffett hasn’t let that change who he is or what his priorities are. He cares about helping people from all backgrounds reach financial success, and he has a lot of people listen to him because he seems approachable and lives a modest lifestyle. In other words, his humility is part of his success.

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