Investment for Warren Buffett’s Wife

Warren Buffett is an investing billionaire. He is one of the smartest and business investor tycoons in the world. Mr. Buffett has a lot of money, it is no surprise that he knows exactly what he wants done with it if he passes away. Being an older man and having such a long life of success, Mr. Buffett actually has some interestingly easy investment advise for his wife. Mr. Buffett actually said, and I quote, “My advice to the trustee [for my wife] could not be more simple: Put 10 per cent of the cash in short-term government bonds and 90 per cent in very low-cost S&P 500 index fund.” This is actually an easy to understand and easy to follow request. Having so much money, you would think that it would be difficult for Mr. Buffett to decide where he wants his billions to go. On the contrary, he has laid it out flat and easy for his wife to follow. Mr. Buffett’s estate and worth is so high, that he actually has such an easy request to follow. Being up there in years, Mr. Buffett is pushing ninety, he was born in 1930 and the 87 year old , might not have that many good years left in him. If Mr. Buffett passes before his wife does, she now knows exactly what he wants, to keep the ball rolling, even after his demise. This advice to his wife, should be a lesson to not just her, but to everybody who follows him. That is a lot of money to be in charge of, but if Mr. Buffett passes, his wife will be left with knowing what to do with it.

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