Investment Buddies

Warren Buffett has a partner in crime name Charlie Munger, Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett of the co-chair and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway both have amassed a million dollars for their investment portfolios over the years Warren Buffett has something a lot of chairman don’t have out there he has a person he fully trust to back him up on any decision Warren Buffett is a billionaire in this the third richest man in the world this is this not to say that Charlie Munger is well it’s not a billionaire this is one of the reasons why I trust him so much because he has shown the smarts to make investments on his own without Warren Buffett’s discretion and still come out on top but he also has the discipline to know that Warren Buffet is in charge. Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett are some way of this friend investment buddies Charlie Munger has always admired Warren Buffett and chose to work for him long ago this has shown to be one of the best decisions that Charlie Munger could have made his investment would have made him rich but Warren Buffett gives him knowledge something that can only be attained by experience Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger bounce ideas off of each other both have an extensive background in stock marketing and are alike in many ways, this is the reason why Charlie Munger being coached here if not only beneficial to him but is it beneficial to Warren Buffett and the whole Berkshire Hathaway family this is essentially like having 2 super investors on one team with both being able to make a move that anytime but also staying in touch with each other so that the company may have a smooth Financial sailings along the way.

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