Interesting Facts About Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett was born in August in the year 1930 in the great state of Nebraska. Mr. Warren Buffett has accomplished great things in his lifetime! Mr. Warren Buffett has an extensive education beginning at the Woodrow Wilson High School local to Omaha Nebraska. Next Mr. Buffett attended several universities such as the University of Nebraska Columbia University and last the well known University of Pennsylvania!

Mr. Warren Buffett is an investment guru meaning he has a keen ability to invest in the stock market and build a great deal of wealth. Mr Buffett will research the stocks and look at all aspects of their potential future growth. If he sees certain aspects of the stocks he will buy shares and simply watch the stocks grow and mature to their full potential.

Mr. Buffett also has the unique ability to manage other areas of business such as companies like insurance the food and beverage as well as energy companies. He has great ability to build companies tremendously from Mr. Buffet’s management and business skills.

In 2006 Warren Buffett made the biggest donation in his life when he gave his immense fortune to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Warren Buffett furthermore encouraged and gained other wealthy individuals to give their wealth to their most important causes.

Mr. Buffett made the largest individual charitable contribution in the history of the United States with a total of around 28 billion dollars.

In 1969 Mr. Buffett created his own unique company where he buys major companies such as the Washington Post Coca-Cola Geico as well as the Exxon company. Mr. Buffett has built these companies to their maximum potential and continues to do so to this day.

Mr. Buffett continues to do his good works to this day and he continues to encourage others to do good works in the world we live in.

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