Howard Buffett

Howard Buffet is the oldest son of Warren Buffet, and although his father’s success is vastly more famous than his own by no means is he overshadowed by his father. Howard Buffet takes pride in the fact that he has worked for everything that he has today. Even in his younger days when he started his first farm the land his father bought for him to do so was also what he had to pay rent on to his own father. Now he has multiple successful farms including a family farm that he lives on. But farming is not the only business Endeavour he has had and been successful with. Over the years Howard has been involved with many companies mostly in the food industry all while still running and growing the farms that he has.
But business isn’t his entire story either as he has a family of his own that he is very actively involved with, and is a very involved member of his community.

In his community, Howard has worked as a sheriff among being involved with many different charities that benefit both his community and others all over the world. Overall Howard was a very driven man from the start wanting to be successful in his own right, and support his family on his own all while still maintaining that it is important to be involved in the community that you live in, and the communities all over the world because in one form or another we are all connected.

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