Howard Buffett Buys Rosa Parks Artifacts

The Associated Press reports that a lawyer close to the sale says that some of the artifacts belonging to Rosa Parks, legendary activist, were reportedly sold for $4.5 million.

Howard G Buffett – the son of the Oracle of Omaha Warren Buffett and founder of the Howard G Buffett Foundation – purchased the items belonging to Rosa Parks. In 1955, she refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, to a white man.

The items included in this purchase are the Presidential Metal of Freedom and a postcard that was signed by Martin Luther King Jr., as well as several notes, personal papers, “letters from presidents, and various awards and honorary doctorates,” were bought on August 20 according to the Chicago Tribune.

“For lack of a better term, she was a pack rat,” said Arlan Ettinger, the president of Guernsey’s auction house in New York. They housed the majority of the belongings owned by Rosa Parks, he said to the Tribune. “She had retained many things from her long and rich life.”

Howard Buffett would not discuss the terms of the sale, but he did confirm to the Associated Press that the purchase was made. Lawrence Pepper, lawyer to the Parks’ heirs, told the Associated Press that the auction house received 12.5% of the total $4.5 million for the sale.

Relatives of Rosa Parks will receive 20% of the proceeds from the sale. The rest of the balance will go to the Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development in Detroit, we learned from the Associated Press.

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