How Warren Buffett Made Money

Berkshire CEO, and 3rd richest man on the planet; Warren Buffett learned the in’s and out’s of the stock market and investing at an early age. He had an advantage simply because his father was an investor himself and had owned his own business. As you can tell, investing and making money is in Buffett’s blood.

Buffett gets his money. During high school, Warren Buffett worked delivering newspapers. By the time he graduated, Buffett had over $10,000 saved up. Buffett knew that in order to obtain wealth, it was important to save your money. At the age of 6 years old, Buffett already learned the fundamentals of saving, investing and profiting. Another amazing advantage Buffett had was the ability to calculate numbers fast off the top of his head. In reality, Buffett actually got rich by being a smart investor of others people money. Which is a very powerful move. Through his actions, Buffett proved to be brilliant.

Because of his father being an investor, his uncanny interest in making money, a lot of schooling (even though he wasn’t too fond of college) and his mentor investor- Ben Graham, Warren Buffett was able to exploit and finesse the investment industry and become one of the world’s greatest investors. Every chance he got, he saved his money and invested it. How does Warren Buffett make money? In a nutshell, Buffett makes his money by investing. That is the main source of income. Clearly, there are several ways to make money, but investing is the No.1 way to not only make money, but it’s a for sure way to get rich!

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