How to Contact Warren Buffett Directly

There are a few ways to contact Warren Buffett directly. Please keep in mind that Mr. Buffett will only respond to extremely important questions or inquiries. In the case you wish to ask for any form of donations Mr. Buffett you will not receive a response of any kind. There are formal channels that one must go thru in order to receive any kind of donations from Mr. Buffetts, foundation.
Mr Buffett can be contacted directly by writing his company at the following address:

Mr Warren Buffett
3555 Farnam Street
Suite 1440
Omaha, NE 68131 USA.

All of the mail is screened by Mr. Buffetts’ personal staff. Therefore please do not expect to have your correspondents answered personally.  Mr. Buffett is a busy man and only deals with extremely important matters.

Mr. Buffetts’ Email address is [email protected] However, again Mr. Buffett will not answer any emails personally. All of his emails are also screened by his staff and only the most important emails are brought to his attention.

Warren Buffett has a business website that is There is a place there where he can be contacted directly from the website.

Last but certainly not least is simply walking up to Mr.Buffett and introducing yourself to him. Then you can communicate with him directly face to face. Even more so if you should already know Mr. Buffett personally or have been introduced to him in a prior setting.

In any case, you choose to contact Mr. Buffett please keep in mind to keep the conversation strictly business or casual he does not handle a request for personal loans or funding. All of these matters are left up to his personal staff and a foundation his sister in charge of.

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