How Much Money Is Warren Buffett Worth?

Warren Buffett has worked hard over the 50+ years of his life to build his current net worth. From investing his own money wisely in both short-term government bonds and in very low-cost S&P 500 investment funds to starting his own company Berkshire Hathaway, he has invested his money very wisely.

Moreover, Buffett has built himself up a network of a total of about $83.9 billion Buffett is also most charitable billionaire around giving away $46 billion of his $65.5 billion in earnings or about 71% of his net worth earned since 2000. Buffett states that doubling your net worth won’t make you happier. You can be just as happy with $10,000 as $!0 billion. It’s all about how you treat life and what you make of it that matters the most.

Moreover, he learned that as he got more money and that his happiness never changed. It was about how he felt about his life and what he was doing with his life that made him happy or not happy. If someone else thinks that it will be different for them, while they may be wrong temporarily, he said it won’t last that way in the end. Money is not what makes someone happy, but who they are as a person and the life they choose to lead will make them happy or unhappy. Simple as that.

Buffett makes it clear that you can have fun while you are rich, but you can also have fun with a modest amount of money or even if you don’t have any money at all. It’s all about how you handle it mentally. Buffett even states that while he can buy almost any physical object in the world it wouldn’t make him happier, but being surrounded by those he loves and doing what he lover does make him much happier. That takes no money at all.

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