How Much Money Does Warren Buffett Have?

Warren Buffett didn’t just make his money through “luck,” as the passage of time would tell us how he made his fortune. Buffett was a high-IQ sort who began investing at age 11. He used the cash from his paper route to buy farmland in his home state of Nebraska. Today, his nickname is the “Oracle of Omaha.” He has tipped the 1% in favor of a $73.1 billion fortune. Buffett is No. 3 on the richest people in the United States list for this reason, behind Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates from Microsoft.

Buffett’s wealth got closer to the $70 billion mark last year. Buffett added $12 billion to his existing money reserves in 2016. Buffett’s age doesn’t slow him down much besides the way he manages to double his income a lot. Buffett’s money doesn’t make him act like he has money, with a house in Nebraska that is modest enough being 0.01% of his wealth. He goes to McDonalds’ every day, spending at least $3.17 a day on his breakfast. At 16, he had managed to earn $53,000 equivalent of today’s money.

Buffett can also just as adeptly, give his money away as much as he can stand making it. His first wife insisted on his donating the money to charity, which eventually got him labeled one of the more generous philanthropists in the world. As a child, Buffett had an insight one day while in New York, about how he can make his life revolve around how much money he tries to make and in the past, tried to make. Buffett gives philanthropically to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation among other organizations, such as the Hillary Clinton campaign. He is part of a group that vows to give away half their fortunes.

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