How Much is Warren Buffett Worth?

The big question that everyone has been asking is “How much is Warren Buffett Worth?” With doing a little research, and thanks to CNBC Warren Buffett is a wapping $83.9 billion US dollars. Imagine being worth that much. This gentleman is worth this amount of money because of his hard work and dedication. Ever since he was a young lad, the age of eleven, he started making money any way that he could to invest in different opportunities.

This legend at the age of sixteen was worth over $50 thousand dollars. He was able to accomplish that because Warren Buffett was a man that never gave up. Anything he put his mind to he was able to accomplish. as stated above he used to take any oddball jobs he could take. With that money, he then established the right amount to then buy one pinball at a time and place them into numerous different establishments where he would then continue investing. This legend by the age of thirty-one was officially a millionaire.

Warren Buffett was born with the genie of entrepreneurial integrity to do whatever he wanted, but as a boy, he would watch many different people invest, while at his father’s company. He was hooked and didn’t want to give up. With his integrity, he was able to accomplish only what every person in the world would want, and that is to do and buy whatever their heart desires. Warren Buffett has stated even though he is worth $83.9 billion dollars, he would be happy living off of $100 thousand dollars a year. Understanding that this man is worth billions and would be okay living off of so much less shows that how much Warren Buffett is truly worth.

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