How Much is Warren Buffett Worth?

The net worth value of Warren Buffett has changed greatly throughout his life, such does it change for everyone. Warren unlike most started at a very young age to start building up his value and he was able to acquire quite a lot of money for his age. He started his journey around 8 years old selling gum and soda until around 11 when he started working in his father’s brokerage company. He also dove into the stock market at this point in his life and bought his first stocks. At this age, most of us don’t even know what the stock market is about or what it even is. This is where he began to build up his net worth into what we know today.

Buffett would trade stocks and start building his wealth from ages 11-14. He made his first major investment purchase at age 14 which was a farm. At this point in his life, his net value was around $5,000. Keep in mind this is the mid-1900’s and that was quite a bit of money, especially for a 14-year-old. Another year and he was able to grow that to $6,000. We can fast forward a few years till after he graduated high school and he is now 19, his net worth was up to $19,000. By the age of 30, he was able to take that $19,000 and turn that into $1 million. Fast forward another decade to age 40 and Buffett’s net worth was upwards of $25 million, he was on a role and he did not slow down. Going another 20 years down the road Buffett was able to turn that amount into $3.8 billion dollars. Now at the youthful age of 87 Buffett has a value of $82.9 Billion dollars.

What a magnificent accomplishment that Buffett was able to achieve throughout his life. Through hard work and his investing process, he was able to keep double and triple the amount of money he had. Its good to know even with his extraordinary net worth he gives upwards of $30 million to charitable organizations throughout the year to help others that are in need.

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