How Much Has Warren Buffett Donated In Total ?

Warren Buffett is one of few richest tycoon in the world who has dedicated their wealth and investment to the various foundation for the purpose of donation. He made this decision for the year 2006 and since then, this dream has made various sectors to grow and succeed.

The tycoon who owns one of the most prominent companies in the world has dedicated the most expensive shares of the Berkshire Hathaway company called the class B shares to go to various foundations. This is said to be a total of more than $18.6 million that have gone straight to various donation fields. For a period of more than one decade a total of about $27.54 billion in donations.

The largest part of this contributions are given to five different groups but the largest share is issued to Bill and Melinda foundations. The reason Buffett does all this is to fulfill a promise he made on the year 2006 that he was going to give much of his wealth to different types of groups and foundation including that one started by his late wife Susan.

Buffett stared doing this pledges with only 40 pledges but current it has more than 170 pledges and has extended their services because they are now presented to more than 12 countries which is a very significant improvement and growth. One of the most surprising comments that left so many people amazed is when he made a statement that he would make sure that he has donated whatever he has the whole of his entire life.

The comment meant that more than 99% of his total wealth would go to donation. In the latest report, it indicates that he has been ranked as the second person in the United States who is the most generous person and given a lot of the money to charity events and functions.

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