How Much Does Warren Buffet Give to Charity?

Warren Buffett is a renowned American billionaire. He has invested, spearheaded many companies, and has championed the entrepreneurial spirit with others.

Other than his financial prowess he is also a great philanthropist and charitable giver. Buffett has reportedly given more than $46 billion in charity since 2000. Just recently Buffett has given more than $3 billion of his Bershire Hathaway shares to support a foundation. He has given a total of $27 billion to five charities over a ten year period. The five foundations are Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Sherwood Foundation, Howard G. Buffett Foundation and the NoVo Foundation. All foundations have been enriched with Buffett’s charitable funding.

To this date Warren Buffett has given more than 70% of his billion dollar earnings to charity. Buffett plans to extend his charitable campaign well beyond the norm. He plans to give to these five charities annually for a life-time period and after. Not only is he a philanthropist, he is also a spokesman for a foundation that he and Bill Gates have initiated. The Giving Pledge is an foundation based on the premise of finding and educating the world’s wealthiest of societal needs. The initiative hopes by addressing the wealthy, they can ensure funding for other charities to aid society with these pressing issues.

Besides being one of the wealthiest men in America, Warren Buffett is very charitable. Although he is mostly known for his skillful investment strategies, he is also sited for his positive contributions to the world. It is not how much Buffett has given to charity, but how little he expects in return. His charitable works seems to show no bounds.

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