How Many Shares Does Warren Buffett Own in Berkshire Hathaway ?

Warren Buffet is seen as the greatest investor of all time. There is a lot that you can learn about him from just looking at his google page. You get to find out how old he is, where he is born and what he is known for. There’s a lot that you get just from seeing him a couple of times. Most people who have to talk to him feel that they have become wiser over time. He is certainly someone who you can learn a lot from. That is something to be proud of when it comes the business that you work with.

There is so much that Warren Buffet does for the American public. He is someone who doesn’t want to want to hog all of the money for himself. He may be someone showed him all the good that can do a lot of good for the country. We gain a lot as a country by making sure that we watch all of the right things to have a good future. There is so much to be happy about when it comes to the future. It looks like we are going to have more positive influences when it comes to what we need to improve on.

In 2004, Warren Buffet had close to 480,000 shares in Berkshire Hathaway. All of them are worth a lot. He realizes that he has more money that he can spend. This can sometimes be a bad thing. Billionaires often have to take medication when it comes to managing that much money. He wanted to give some of his shares to charity so the future will be bright for other people. There is a lot that we can do to improve the world.

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