How Did Warren Buffett Start Out ?

Warren Buffett made his start out when he was young. He was 11 years old when he first bought his stocks and this is something that he takes pride in. When he was a teenager he would sit in on investors that were talking with his father listening to what they had to say about the stocks.

Warren Buffett has been thought of as one of the best investors out there when he was growing up. Having worked in the store that his father owned made it where he had been working with money his whole life and when he was old enough he went out and bought games that he put in stores where he lived his whole life.

From there, things took off for Warren Buffett. When he was thinking about his life after school he did not seem himself going to further his education due to the amount of work that it would take so his father pressured him into going which is something that he does not like to talk about. He then worked with another person who was in the business which is something that made him understand that he had the desire to go with his life in the investment career path.

He was taught on this path by Benjamin Graham which was the person that taught him most of the things that he knows when it comes to this career. Working hard is something that had to happen if this was something that he really wanted to do. He worked beside Graham and happened to understand the ideas that Graham had put out there for others to follow. He had to work with somebody that understood that they had to make their own path and not follow others in the path that they had created.

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