How Did Warren Buffett Get His Start ?

Warren Buffett is more than just a man, he is a true legend. This man has had the business genie in his blood since he was born. Warren Buffett began learning about investments through his father’s small brokerage company. Warren watched and listened to what the investors that were in with his father’s company. Warren Buffett was a true entrepreneur, as a teen, Mr. Buffett would buy and place simple pinball machines inside of different working establishments. With a desire for investments as an adult, Warren Buffett pushed his education into his passion, graduating from The University of Nebraska with a degree in business.

Mr. Warren Buffett pushed the boundaries of being an entrepreneur. With his passion taking over him, Warren then enrolled in Colombia Business School. Mr. Buffett was taught by Benjamin Graham who is a well-known security analyst who had an effect on Warren’s life. Warren initially wanted to work on Wall Street, but Graham, Warren’s mentor convinced Warren to go back to Omaha and become a stockbroker. With this right career choice, Warren became a Millionaire by the time he was only Thirty-one years old. Warren Buffett, in 1961 began to invest in businesses, as he left his old investments and began to focus on different businesses that would benefit him very well using the value-investment techniques he learned in school.

Understanding how Warren Buffett began his destiny of becoming a famous entrepreneur is truly astounding. After Mr. Buffett began with so little and increased it so many times to become a successful millionaire is something for the books. Mr. Buffett has created and showed how a true entrepreneur should be, hungry as a shark. When you establish your hunger and how badly you want something, as Warren Buffett showed, it is not impossible.

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