How Did Warren Buffett Become So Rich?

Warren Buffet is a man whose name is a synonym for success, honesty and intellectually genius investor. He is currently the second richest and most business influential man in the world. Warren Buffet success story of becoming a billionaire started ages ago. His lifestyle of investment is not a current issue. He was buying shares at low prices and would wait for them to attain the desired market value. How did Warren Buffett became so rich is a big question in the minds of many.

At the age of 15, Warren buffet started to sell Washington Post newspaper and was earning 175 dollars a month. He saved $1200 for this business to buy himself a 40-acre farm in Omaha. Two years down the line, Mr. Buffet ceases to be a Newspaper seller and joins hand with Donald Danly who together started a Company of Wilson Coin Operated machines at the cost of $25 which yielded a return of $50 per week for the two of them.

After Warren Buffet’s Education in Columbia University and immense learning from his mentor and a teacher Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet volunteered to work for Benjamin Graham, but instead his desire to join the company was not allowed. This declination made his return to Omaha and purchased a Texaco Station while also working as an investment salesman at a Brokerage Firm in his grandfather company.

At the age of 26, Warren Buffet decided to form partnership business-Buffets Association which consisted of 7 members as the general partner while the rest were limited partners. With much savings from Buffet’s Association, Warren Buffet continued to expand this partnership and ran them from home.

Warren Buffet will continue to be the most admirable and influential investor in the modern business. He has become a billionaire while in his pursuit of the stock business. This man is rich, but his personality is admirable. He is always ready to give and donates his money to various foundations.

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