How Buffett Looks at Exxon

Recently, Warren Buffett’s newest distaste for the oil market has just taken on a new twist. Berkshire Hathaway has recently passed Exxon Mobil and is now considered the third most valuable company in the United States.

This happens just a few weeks after Warren Buffett disclosed that he is selling off his energy stocks, and now Berkshire Hathaway is valued at more than $361 billion. That puts Berkshire Hathaway above Exxon Mobil as the third highest valued company in the market. Exxon is estimated to be worth $357 billion.

Investors are very anxious to see if Berkshire Hathaway will hold onto this position.

This is just the latest reshuffling of the most valuable companies in the United States of America today. Apple is by far the leader with a total market value of $740 billion. And following in the number two slot is Google who is valued at $389 billion. Microsoft is currently the fifth most valuable company in the US.

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