Highlights From The 2017 Warren Buffett Investor Letter.

Warren Buffett is known for sending his letter out to investors every year, and with each year his letters generally produce positive results for his share holders. With each passing year it seems like Berkshire Hathaway is on an unstoppable mission, and with the high caliber of investors behind it such as Warren Buffett its a wonder why. For the 2017 letter to investors there were a couple of topics that Warren touched on, and a few of them were crucial to the market. He questioned the rise of companies purchasing private stock, which he is adamantly against.

He also criticized the hedge fund community, which he accused of charging vastly expensive fees for no reason to their clients. He said that with the trillions that are managed by the hedge fund companies the shareholders should be getting much better returns then they are, but instead the companies are keeping the majority of the profits for themselves and the hedge fund managers. Warren also announced that Berkshire Hathaway has increased their stake in Apple computer significantly, which he had previously said that he wouldn’t do. This just goes to show that the company will continue to make record profits as Warren looks to start investing in more tech stocks.

This is a far cry from his traditional bevy of companies which he invests in, although he has been an Apple supporter since the Steve Jobs days. With the release of the iPhone X it only makes sense for Berkshire Hathaway to jump on the wagon of enormous profits for a phone that costs upwards of a thousand dollars. Warren said that the company continues to make record profits, and he will continue to invest and grow the share holders money even in the times of market distress ahead of us.

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