HBO Warren Buffett Documentary

Warren Buffett is a renowned billionaire known for having some of the best insight on which businesses are the best to invest in. He has made his riches on analyzing numbers assessing businesses and going off of sheer interest in what companies he likes. His intuitions on how he has created his wealth are shown in the HBO Warren Buffett documentary.

Warren Buffett was born and raised in Omaha Nebraska in 1930. To a loving father and mother that helped mold the way, he looked at finances. Early on in his life, his father was laid off and he soon started his own business in investments. At this early age, he learned from his father many key philosophies just by the way his father was is a person.

At an early age, Warren Buffett had a love for numbers his aunt Deedee bought him a World Almanac and he would remember all the numbers. Warren had a love for reading and would have an interest in certain books like 1000 ways to make $1 0

This turned him into learning how to start an array of small businesses at the age of 7. He not only started his own business but he also became a paperboy which taught him a valuable lesson on how to save money.

Later on in life after graduating from college and from graduate school at Columbia University. He started his own business in investing off of family funding that helped him sore eventually from buying thinly traded securities from $105 000 to 7 million.

The HBO Warren Buffet documentary showed that his former days in business spearheaded him to go on to owning stocks in some of the largest companies like Coca-Cola Dairy Queen American Express and Berkshire Hathaway. Using an inner scorecard to guide him.

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