HBO Warren Buffett Documentary

Warren Buffett is a billionaire, one of the richest men in the world. The HBO Documentary covers Warren Buffett’s approach to investment, called the Wizard of Omaha. Warren Buffett was in high school where he had girls and cars on his mind. His advice is to make sure your body, as well as your mind, last a lifetime since it is the only one you have. He stops at McDonalds’ every morning. $2.61, $2.95, or $3.17, which determines what breakfast he will get, it depends on how prosperous he feels.
Buffett was into delivering papers growing up, making a penny a paper.

Berkshire Hathaway is a parent company that has many other businesses under its umbrella. In 1962, Buffett put newspapers on the walls about days of extreme panic on Wall Street as a reminder that anything can happen in this world. Buffett was born in 1930, during the stock market crash, when his dad lost his job in 1930. His dad started his own company while working through the Depression. He had an investment company during this time period. Buffett said that he’d be a millionaire by 30, which was not something anybody in his family had done according to his sister.

Buffett’s dad ran for office, getting the entire family involved including Buffett’s mother. Buffett’s family was very Republican, besides. Howard. H. Buffett was a Nebraska member of the House of Representatives four terms. Buffett credits his father for giving him the confidence to get somewhere. Buffett had a roommate who studied all the time while Buffett wanted to get out faster, and would wait until before the test to study. The business school came after college when he applied at Harvard, where he didn’t get in, so he got into Columbia Business School of Columbia University.

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