Goldman Sachs CEO & Buffett in Detroit for Announcement of Small Business Program

Warren Buffett, otherwise known as the Oracle of Omaha, and Lloyd Blankfien, CEO of Goldman Sachs, will be in attendance at Ford Field this coming Tuesday. They plan to announce a joint partnership, which in turn will make Detroit a part of a national funding program intended to boost growth in small business.

Goldman Sachs began the program, worth $500 million, and called it “10,000 Small Businesses,” and continues to add more and more cities to its ever expanding list. To qualify to enter the program, you must have a small business with a minimum of four employees, plus $150,000 in company revenue. The program was specifically designed to provide smaller companies with greater access to business related education, additional capital and support services for their business.

Larry Blankfien and Warren Buffett will release further details on Tuesday at 10:15 am. will carry the press conference live if you’d like to virtually attend.

The Berkshire Hathaway CEO and chairman, Warren Buffett, is also co-chair of the program from Goldman and will be in attendance at the event. He’ll be standing alongside Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Gov. Rick Snyder, among others.