General Investments

Warren Buffett the finance extraordinaire has made many generous donations and bought many stocks for many companies in his 50 plus your career path but in recent years people have been stating their General electricity seems like the perfect opportunity for a buffer to put his money into. Berkshire Hathaway already has its own wing of Energy Services but General electricity could serve as a great building block for a relationship as well as a revenue point, over the last decade Warren Buffett has been investing million Temple companies that are sinking or going underwater he has also invested billions and come before he just believes are that good for instance he invested in apple the same 5 billion dollars they usually invest in companies and brought 160 million shares the five billion he has investing Apple has turned itself around and made 28 million for Warren Buffett this is just a game Warren Buffett place he lets his money make money for him and the General Electric company stocks would be a very nice touch to his portfolio but Warren Buffett is not interested and how much money he can make but rather how many lives he can change his investment this is what sets Warren Buffett apart from how many people in today’s society being a third richest man in the world has my cloud to his judgment any he knows exactly how to make money in the stock market and has been doing it for so long that he no longer needs to do it for the money but rather for relationships he’s interested in helping the Earth and that is what it investments will go forwards as far as was General Electric it will be a great money opportunity but let’s see how focused they are on on helping the community.

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