Friends and Investments

Warren Buffett is always helping out these things in recent times we have heard of Warren Buffett helping companies that have going on the brink of bankruptcy get back on their feet and still be a competitor in today’s economy which is not an easy feat this is simply because Warren Buffett believes that it’s not the money it’s the service if Warren Buffett believes in your service and your product then he will invest in you he knows how much trouble entrepreneurs and companies can have nowadays and it’s there to help to provide funding to multiple Charities all over the world as well as multiple businesses to keep them going one of his favorite companies is Coca-Cola who he had a very close tie with and still does this day his old friend the former president of Coca-Cola had passed away when Warren Buffett has remained to be dedicated to the company and not let opinions sway him in any type of way if he believes in the company he will invest in it and that is that no one can really argue with this message because Warren Buffett is a billionaire thanks to his Investments which leads everyone to believe that his Investments are foolproof but Warren Buffett has lost and will continue to lose as he said before it’s a game that no one really wins but you will surely take losses in it before investing in Goldman Sachs they were going out of business Warren Buffett came in and offered them a sum of money was supposed to be paid back Warren Buffett has seen 10% of this money already in the company continues to grow just one example of how a great company can go under and need a little help and when they do Warren Buffett is there to provide it.

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