Forbes Releases Newest Ebook: Warren Buffett, The $59 Billion Philanthropist

On February 4, 2014, Forbes announced that they are releasing their second e-book in 2014; it’s titled Warren Buffett, the $59 billion philanthropist. This book was edited by an associate producer at Forbes named Jennifer Eum. This latest e-book was distributed and produced by Vook, and it contains 15 curated profiles of Warren Buffett, carefully written by Forbes reporters. It takes place from 1969 – 2013, and each piece will shine a light on Warren Buffett and the man that he has become over the years, discussing both philanthropy and capitalism. In Buffett’s own words, he stated, “If you’re the luckiest 1% of humanity, you only to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%.”

Each of the 15 profiles in the e-book was previously featured in a ForbesLife magazine and Forbes magazines and they include: 

  • How Omaha Beats Wall Street—November 1969 by Forbes Staff
  • The Money Men—November 1974 by Forbes Staff
  • “You Pay A Very High Price In The Stock Market For A Cheery Consensus”— Warren Buffett for Forbes (1979)
  • Will The Real Warren Buffett Please Stand Up?—Tatiana Pouschine with Carolyn Torcellini (1990)
  • Warren Buffett’s Idea Of Heaven: “I Don’t Have To Work With People I Don’t Like”—Robert Lenzer (1993)
  • Not-So-Silent Partner: Meet Charlie Munger—Robert Lenzner and David S. Fondiller (1996)
  • Buffett On Bridge—Alexandra Alger (1997)
  • The Berkshire Bunch—Dolly Setton and Robert Lenzner (1998)
  • A Son’s Advice To His Father— Dyan Machan (1998)
  • A Word From A Dollar Bear—Robert Lenzner and Daniel Kruger (2005)
  • Jay Z And Warren Buffett: Wild Ride In Omaha—Edited by Bruce Upbin (2010)
  • The Forbes 400 Summit—Randall Lane (2012)
  • Warren Buffett’s Philanthropic Hero—Randall Lane (2012)
  • Buffett Family Values—Kerry Dolan (2013)
  • Afterword “When I Was 25”: The $50 Billion Decision—Warren Buffett for Forbes (2012)

Forbes first noticed Warren Buffett back in 1969. At that point, Buffett was just starting to make his mark as a shrewd investor and one that consistently beat the market, whether bear or bull markets were taking place. Since that time, editors at Forbes and other reporters have covered Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett – gaining access that very few can enjoy – as the billionaire philanthropist continues to make an amazing mark on the world of investing. The book is loaded with some of Buffett’s greatest quotes, such as “Wall Street is the only place the people ride to in a Rolls-Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”