Floyd Mayweather and Warren Buffett – Pals or Investment Partners?

In 2014, Floyd Mayweather and Warren Buffett met before one of his Las Vegas, NV fights. Mayweather was so impressed with Buffett that they have become friends and possibly investing partners. Mayweather is known for his boxing ring prowess and Buffett is known for his entrepreneurial and investing genius.

Both are giants in their own rights, but together they could be a tsunami.

During their meeting, Mayweather and Buffett discussed possibly making an investment profit off of a 100 million dollar asset portfolio. Looks like Mayweather is getting prime investment information from Buffett, in hopes of turning that portfolio into a billion dollar return. He can’t go wrong with Warren Buffett, being that Buffett is the original founder of “The Only Team,” and a billionaire to his own right.

Since Mayweather is the highest paid athlete to this date, it seems that the two would meet eventually. Floyd Mayweather is reportedly worth more than $500 million dollars as of today. He has gone down in sports history as the longest winning boxer in history since Rocky Marciano.

Mayweather is not the only athlete you can catch Buffett with. He is also reportedly friends with LeBron James, NBA star.

Floyd Mayweather was surprised and honored to meet Warren Buffett on that fateful day. It was an honor because Buffett is one of the few individuals that has been Mayweather’s idols when he was a young boy. He admires Buffett’s success and emulates his financial success after him. So meeting Buffett was destined.

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