Explore Warren Buffett’s House : Inside the Home of one of the Wealthiest Men in the World

While Warren Buffet might be one of the richest men in the world you would not see this in his home in Nebraska. Nor does he have homes all across the world. He prefers to live in the same house that he has had since 1958.

When he bought the house in 195 he paid only $31,500.00. Today it is worth around $250,000.00. It is located on a corner lot in central Omaha, Nebraska. It has 6,570 square feet which makes it larger than a bungalow but smaller than a mansion.

The house has five bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Buffet states why to move to another house when he is perfectly happy with the one he is living in.

While the house sits in an affluent neighborhood it does not have the level of security that most wealthy people have. There are fences and security cameras located around the home.

When it comes to investing the financial wizard states that his home is the third-best investment he has ever made after wedding rings.

There is a lot to learn from Buffet’s ownership of his home in Nebraska. One is that wealth is about what you do not see. Just looking at the house you cannot tell how much he is worth. A lot of people confuse the trappings with how much the person is worth. This is not true of Buffet.

Inside his home are cozy comforts. It is not full of priceless arts or other things that the wealthy tend to fill their home with.

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