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Many people know the Berkshire Hathaway owns a multitude of businesses including everything from Dairy Queen to it’s partner company Orange Julius Warren Buffett does not exclusively focus on food as Berkshire Hathaway also owns a multitude of real estate and stocks this is just one of the ways than one but the keys to income coming in from all angles with company such as Geico and NetJets in his grasp Warren Buffett a great source of Revenue stream me from all directions nowadays Berkshire Hathaway started small and Warren Buffett did as well he used to sell Coca-Cola sodas his father would buy for him at the 50% mark up making his money back in double. This coming just years after the young man gun school as a mathematics genius everyone knew Warren Buffett was sitting the exact year he is sitting in now making millions of dollars out of the stock market and businesses he owns with essentially no way to avoid one of his businesses food and transportation are the main things that everyone needs and Warren Buffett happens to own two companies that offer this service as well as a real estate company this is one way that Warren Buffett stays on top in his chair position at Berkshire Hathaway the Omaha Oracle will continue his work and grow his Legend even more as time goes on, many people believe that Warren Buffett’s work will be continued by his children especially his daughter Susan has already shown that she is willing to follow in his footsteps with her company Sherwood Hathaway. Starting small and going big is just one of Warren Buffett’s many talents and this is what he chooses businesses that have done this exact thing to invest in because he knows hard work makes a success.

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