Elizabeth Warren on Buffett’s “Angry” Comments

Back in March, Warren Buffett – billionaire investor – commented about Elizabeth Warren and her aggressive anti-Wall Street talk.

Buffett said, “I think she would do better if she was less angry and demonized less… It does not help when you demonize or get too violent with the people you’re talking to.”

Recently in Philadelphia, Elizabeth Warren made a speech at the Know Your Value event and responded to Buffett’s comment. The Democrat from Massachusetts spoke lengthily in regard to encountering institutional sexism throughout many periods of her life, before talking about and bringing up not only Warren Buffett’s comments, but the Wall Street threat to withhold donations to Senate Democrats unless she decided to change her tone.

Warren responded amusingly to all of this:

“Do you think if I used a sweeter tone when I talked to the banks, that if I said, very nicely, ‘we should have broken you into pieces,’ that everything would be fine? Do you think if I smiled more at banking committee hearings that Wall Street would put me on their Christmas card list? Give me a break.”

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  1. I think you are very much speaking the Truth on watching our tone and choosing the words before they are spoken. But I know in my case I am judging it as a 'maturity issue'. I'm not a kid but appreciate the knowledge you share and doing my best to learn. And the other side of me is an 'anger issue'. And who in life is getting problems solved with anger? Not me of course, just a sore tummy. Lol

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