Doris & Warren Buffett Present Online Advice about Giving

If you ever wondered how to get free giving advice from billionaire investor Warren Buffett, then your prayers have been answered.

Warren is going to appear in a six session online course titled “Giving with Purpose,” as part of an offshoot of a college program series started by his sister Doris, and Alex Rozek, her grandson.

Doris Buffett and Alex Rozek operate the Learning by Giving Foundation, which offers $10k grants to college students that take the time to spend a semester figuring out the best place to give the money – and they also have to read and take instruction about the smart way to give. Currently, this course is being offered in 30 colleges and universities. It is now going to be freely available over the Internet. “We wondered how do we keep expanding this beyond 30 schools without creating a big organization,” said Alex Rozek.

That’s when they finally realized that the Internet and open online courses offered the answer to their question.

Maggie Johnson, a trustee of the Learning by Giving Foundation and a Google executive, with the help of Rebecca Riccio, a Northwestern University teacher on effective giving, helped Alex Rozek put the final touches on the “Giving with Purpose,” course that provides lots of information to those seeking these kind of answers. It consists of the same information being offered in the in-person classes.

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